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Power to the People

Power banks are currently one of the most sought after promotional giveaways within the industry and there’s a huge and ever-increasing range to meet demand. With such a high perceived value they make a superb giveaway, whether it’s for your employees to keep them powered up and on hand, for your customers as a ‘techy’ treat or for a sales promotion to get your brand out there. Power banks get used time and time again which is an excellent opportunity for your brand’s recall …. and with a target market of anyone who owns a mobile, you literally have teens and the entire adult population right at hand!

Most power banks tend to have an energy capacity of 2200 mAh, which would give you a ‘nearly full’ charge to most phones and perhaps half to a tablet. Prices can range from around £4 upwards on a quantity of 200 branded power banks. Take a look at some images here of some of the latest power banks available. For something more suited to executive gifting, our favourite is this stunning boxed collection, offering the highest level of branding to give a superior ‘retail finish’. It has an impressive 6600 mAH high capacity charger with flashing battery indicator, acts as a flash light, and comes with two output ports. It is capable of providing several full charges to most phone devices and tablets.  Contact us for more information on 0161 222 8981 or email us on sales@promotionalgoodies.co.uk.

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